General Business Class

This education enables professionals to be able to communicate in business life, in accordance with the General Turkish programs.
Programs are designed for students based on a need-analysis conducted by our experienced administrative staff. This type of individualized intake helps our students reach their goals quickly.

Open Classes

These classes are ideal for participants in any location and at any level. Participants can attend any on-going General Turkish or General Business Turkish class open for participation and proper to their proficiency level in any EFINST-IH branch.

Closed Classes

Training is organized for the employees of corporate clients with similar proficiency levels and professional requirements in the corporate headquarters or in EFINST-IH branches. The maximum number of participants in a closed group is ten. General Turkish, General Business Turkish and Survival Turkish are offered depending on the needs of the company

One to One Courses

Our tailor-made study programs are designed to meet students’ needs and enable learners to achieve their goals in the shortest possible time.

Live Learning Programs

This is a unique system that eliminates the problem of the location of the participant and allows participation in Turkish classes in a live classroom environment from anywhere with an Internet connection. Participants can connect to their lecturer’s computer online. Students can hear each other, communicate and ask questions, just like in a real classroom environment. Courses may be planned as one-to-one classes or group classes.

Turkish & Culture

This program has been planned for students to learn Turkish and practice the language in Istanbul’s historical environment.
In this program our students will study mostly grammar in the morning classes, and then they will have a chance to explore the natural and historical beauties of Istanbul. They will have an opportunity to practice the language and learn more about the culture on daily trips with their teachers.