EFINST-IH TURKISH CENTRE ISTANBUL is the most professional and successful private Turkish language school for foreigners in Turkey, teaching students how to speak the language accurately and fluently from the first lesson!
The EFINST-IH Turkish Centre Istanbul has over 20 years experience in meeting the language and training needs of those who wish to study and improve their Turkish. We are dedicated to promoting international understanding through education and raising the standards of language learning.
We are committed to a General Turkish teaching program that focuses on you, the learner. Our approach is student-centered and communicative, which means that teachers will focus on students’ aims and interests to help you use Turkish in an effective and practical way. The emphasis is on building confidence and developing fluency in a lively and authentic language context.

The EFINST-IH Turkish department has been awarded every year since 2008 based on the world wide surveys conducted by LanguageCourse.Net education system and student services. Students’ responses to these surveys are proof of our success.
While our students learn the Turkish language accurately and fluently, they also have an opportunity to learn the richness of Turkish culture.
We look forward to seeing you very soon and helping you to achieve your language goals



Did You Know?

  • Did you know that Turkey…
  •  was known as Asia Minor; the Asian side of Turkey known as Anatolia
  •  witnessed the first known Human Rights Declaration in 1463, 485 years before the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  •  has 70% of its population under the age of 35
  •  provides 70% of the world’s hazelnuts – probably the nut in your chocolate bar was grown in Turkey
  •  is the birthplace and home of St.Nicholas, (Demra-Myra) popularly known as Santa Claus
  •  is where Noah’s Ark landed, at Mount Ararat, in Eastern Turkey.
  •  has the most valuable silk carpet in the world, in the Mevlana Museum, with 144 knots per sq. cm.
  •  is said to have provided the water for the Garden of Eden – from its 2 great rivers -The Euphrates and The Tigris
  •  is the birthplace of St. Paul – for centuries, the sick have drunk from the well of St. Paul, in Tarsus
  •  was where a man first flew a significant distance using wings – across the Bosphorus
  •  is the location of the city of Troy, of Homer fame, where the Trojan War was fought for ten years
  •  had the world’s first woman Supreme Court justice, and gave women the right to vote in 1934
  •  has a city, Mardin, which is one of the few places where you can hear the native language of Jesus Christ, Aramaic.
  •  has the first church ever built (St Peter’s), in Antioch, southern Turkey. It is also the site of the oldest temple, at Urfa, dated between 8500 and 9000 BC

Trip Advisories

To make your stay in Istanbul  more enjoyable we reccommend to have a look at the links below : | “Your round-the-clock guide to the city – delivered by local experts.” | “Concert, football, sport, and art tickets. Official Biletix site.” | A Turkish web site that you can make some practice…


Excellence Award

Every year LanguageCourse.Net requests evaluations from more than a thousand language course students worldwide in order to honour language schools which provide outstanding services to their clients. As a result of these evaluations LanguageCourse.Net presents an annual Excellence Award to those language schools, which receive the highest customer satisfaction ratings worldwide.

Only the very best schools receive the Excellence Award and these schools alone have the right to publish the Excellence Award on their website and in their catalogue to certify that superior customer satisfaction has been acknowledged by LanguageCourse.Net as an independent organization.

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Did You Know?
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